Clones started for next year!

We started 15 clones in our grow room to develop planting stock for 2019.  We are trying Cherry Dwarf, Cherry Citrus, and BoAx to check growth rates and flowering production. Using the Broomstraw Farm Grow Light is great because we can use the dimmer control to provide soft full spectrum light in the early phase.  This is when the new clone is most vulnerable to drying out since there is no root on the new cutting.  We can then brighten the light to the full output of the unit without changing the distance from the clone tops to the light.  This is not possible with current HPS or Florescent lights.  Many growers do use T5 florescent fixtures for the early phase, but this means that the clone tray must be physically moved to a growing area after the roots begin to grow.  Using our grow light with a dimmer control allows the use of an area for multiple tasks in the greenhouse / grow tent without having to physically rearrange the space.

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