Great Hemp Event in Pittsboro, NC!

We attended a great event in Pittsboro, NC on February 28th. Sponsored by the NC State Univeristy Extension Service Hemp staff, the event attracted over 250 current and prospective hemp growers in NC.  The agenda featured talks presented by the technical team as well as from the regulatory experts at the NC Department of Agriculture.

full spectrum COB LED Cree light exhibited at Chatham County Agricultural Center NC

Chatham County Agriculture Center

We prepared an exhibit table for the event. One of the difficulties in preparing the table was how to show the high intensity full spectrum light output of the Broomstraw Farm COB LED grow light!  We wanted to have plants on the table, and to show the capability of the light without splashing high intensity light across the room. The final exhibit plan had a BF3590.4 light hung at about 24 inches above the table surface.  This allowed us to show the light over several small plants.  We set the intensity control to low unless we were showing the full output of the light.

full spectrum Cree COB LED Grow Light hemp

BF3590.4 at low intensity

It was great to talk with so many interesting hemp growers!  And, it was fantastic to see the commitment of the NC State University Extension team to the success of hemp growers in North Carolina.  Thank you, Debbie Roos for organizing this event.

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