Growing plants indoors in the winter

We all know that growing indoors is way different than growing outdoors.

With an indoor grow, you are able to control many variables that are either not controllable, like the amount of sunlight or the number of hours of sunlight, or are hard to control, like insect pests and soil productivity.

Selecting the right light for your grow demands two things: you need to know how much light your plant needs measured in PAR units, and you need a way to control the on / off time of your light(s).

Make sure that you do not fall into the "watts trap". Plants really don't care how much you spend on electricity. Plants want the right intensity and the right spectrum for maximum productivity. We show the PAR numbers and the spectrum charts for all of our lights because that is the best way to compare lights.

We also know that electricity cost is important to you. That is why we also show the watt consumption of the light. Less watts, more PAR light, healthier plants is the goal!


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