New Clones

Our first set of moms were looking a little shaggy yesterday, so we decided to do a minor trim to enhance vegetative growth for our volume clone period in March and April. The original thought was that just small shoots and leaves would be the target of the scissors.

Well, the minor trim morphed into enough snipping that we couldn't bear to through away the cuttings.  Consequently, 40 new clones were started yesterday!

We cloned the same way as with the original 15 cuttings:

  1. Pick only strong, healthy stems.
  2. Try to have at least three leaf nodes below the top leaf.
  3. Put the shoot in water or a weak water / fertilizer solution immediately after cutting it.
  4. Trim all leaves except the top fan leaf and the growing leaf.
  5. Lightly scrape the bottom inch of the stem to remove the outer green layer, leaving the light yellow layer exposed.
  6. Dip the stem into your favorite rooting hormone.  We use Clonex.
  7. Plant into a soil mix of 30% perlite, 40% vermiculite, 30% peat that has been soaked in a weak seaweed / fertilizer solution. We use a seven inch tall humidity dome for several days under a gentle light, and remove the dome as the requirement for high humidity diminishes.

Good luck with your clones!  Remember, the best light for cannabis is full spectrum high intensity light from a COB LED light from Broomstraw Farm Grow Lights.

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