Planting time!

We have been very busy at Broomstraw Farm since my last post! Sam, Miles, and Katie moved to North Carolina in May to help with the hemp production.  Sam has been working hard on our Grow Light Business since last year, and it is great to have his help in the field this year. This picture is Miles and Sam (the one with the beard) planting the first clone in the organic field.

broomstraw farm grow lights COB PAR Full Spectrum Cree hemp

We have been diligently producing mother plants to enable the production of field-ready clones. Our goal is having all hemp plants this year derive from clones produced on the farm. We now have all the moms planted in the field, and have planted over 1,200 clones so far.

It has been great having the Broomstraw Farm Grow Lights in our mom / clone operation. We used two BSF3590.6 units to keep the moms happy, and a BSF3590.4 to help the clones’ transition from low light domes to hoop house diffused sunlight. Having the ability to control light intensity on each of these units made it easy to adjust the amount of light for each stage of growth of our plants.  We used our Apogee PAR light meter to accurately measure PAR light received at plant level.

The rain in North Carolina over the last four days has thoroughly watered the plants for us, but it will soon be time to restart the fertigation plan for both our organic grow as well as our conventional grow.

We will post more pictures as the plants mature in the field.


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