Plants are growing!

The hemp plants are growing in the North Carolina sunshine! We finished all of our planting by June 8th, and the plants are doing very well.  The BaOx in this picture was a mom in our cloning operation, so she had a head start on growth. As of July 30th, she is about 4.5 feet tall.  One of our Cherry Dwarfs is really not living up to the dwarf title - she is about 5 feet tall and 5 feet wide!

The organic grow area is doing really good.  Sam has been nurturing the plants there with various types of innoculations, lady bugs, and even some homemade fish fertilizer.  We also use our own Broomstraw Farm / BSF Grow seaweed extract in our cloning operation as well as on our organic field.

It is clear to us that field success is very dependent upon having large, healthy clones.  We produced over 1,100 clones from the18 original cuttings purchased last fall from Queen Hemp in Charlotte. We did not lose a single clone in the conventional field, and only four in the organic field.  The loss in the organic field was due to poor drainage in a specific area (which we will correct before next year's planting!). 

We should be able to publish plants in flower by the end of August.

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