Time To Plant Veggies

It is time to plant.

This is a statement not often heard in January in North Dakota or even North Carolina. Maybe not even in SoCal or Florida.

But it is certainly true for indoor gardeners who use Broomstraw Farm Grow Lights for starting seeds, for growing seedlings for a better size for outdoor planting, or for actually growing vegetables to maturity indoors.

Wouldn't it be nice to go to your indoor garden and pick a tomato directly from the vine?

Vegetables indoor COB LED grow light best Broomstraw Farm garden start seedlings

This could be you! Most houses in the US are warm enough in winter to sprout seeds and nurture seedlings.  And a good gardener can manage watering cycles to counter the dry heated inside air.  But the light from the sun coming in a south facing window in January just isn't intense enough to grow healthy, strong plants.

Peppers are another veggie that can be started or grown to maturity in your indoor garden space.

And lettuce and spinach are also good leaf vegetables to consider for planting.

As with all gardening, you will need to carefully plan space requirements and plant height issues.  But one thing is certain:  the Broomstraw Farm Grow Light will provide the needed full spectrum light necessary for beautiful plants indoors.

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