Winter On The Farm

It is cold...

Well, for Piedmont North Carolina, it has been chilly.  Down in the 20's two nights in a row! But we expect warmer weather by the week end.

Winter is time to plan, to repair, and to begin preparing the land for planting.

This is the area that we plowed and planted in organic annual rye in September:

The new area is in the background. We will need to plow, disc, harrow and hill prior to planting in May.

We continue to manage the mother plants and clones in the grow room. We are planning a planting of around 1,200 plants, so we will need 60 mother plants to deliver two clone batches for field planting.

Using the Broomstraw Farm Full Spectrum Grow light gives all 15 mother plants in the grow room more than enough light to provide lush growth for the vegetative stage of the CBD Hemp.

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