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Best powerful Professional Chip On Board Grow Lights full spectrum excellent for cannabis hemp vegetablesBroomstraw Farm is a small, family-owned farm in Chatham County, North Carolina. We started production in 2018.  We decided to open an on-line grow light store to help expand the hemp production ecosystem in NC.

After studying the available information, we quickly concluded that very little information was available on the legal production of hemp. We found plenty of information on cannabis growing, some based on science, and some based on personal preference. We prefer science over opinion.

We discovered that consistent CBD hemp production with THC under the legal limit of 0.3% Delta Nine THC was almost impossible without a steady supply of reliable clone cultivars. We realized that we needed efficient, effective full spectrum COB LED grow lights to create varieties from seed, and to propagate existing plants indoors through cloning to create next year's outdoor plants. Indoor plants grown to the flower stage require high PPFD grow lights to deliver the expected quality.

Broomstraw Farm Grow Lights was created to share our experience with growing hemp for CBD oil production / buds, and to provide a source for high quality, professional full spectrum grow lights using Chip on Board LEDs. All lights supported by testing data.

We sell Chip On Board LED Grow Lights under the brand name "Broomstraw Farm Grow Lights".  Our lights are manufactured by Panda Grow, Shenzhen, China.  Please see "manufacturing background for details on Panda Grow and COB LED Grow Light Manufacturing".

Contact us at info@broomstrawfarmgrowlights.com.  We grow hemp!

Our Mailing Address:

Broomstraw Farm
630 Taylors Chapel Road
Sanford, NC 27330

Phone:  1.919.545.0406

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