Are Chip On Board Full Spectrum LED Fixtures Cost Effective?


We think that when all the costs are totaled, our Broomstraw Farm Grow Lights are the most cost effective grow lights available.

We did the research using real-world numbers.

We considered the initial cost of the fixture, the cost of electricity, the cost of bulb replacement, the cost of extra ventilation for some fixtures, and the number of fixtures that would be necessary to deliver 48,000 Lumens of light over an eight feet by eight feet grow area.

This table summarizes the costs:


account for all costs purchase price, electricity, bulb replacement, coverage, brightness, and heat. Best powerful Professional Chip On Board Grow Lights Full Spectrum COB LED Cree excellent cannabis hemp vegetables indoor clones

In addition to the costs, Three key characteristics stand out:

  1. Only the Chip On Board unit delivers consistent light volume over the three year period.  Both the HID and HPS lights will degrade in output over three years.  This is why the original 50,000 Lumens for the HPS light was degraded to an average of 35,000 Lumens for the three year period.
  2. The HPS lights are extremely hot.  This means re-positioning the light as plants grow, and providing adequate ventilation. Hot lights are a fire hazard as well as a nuisance.
  3. Only the 400 watt / 48,000 Lumen COB LED fixture can provide sufficient full spectrum grow light! Return to the home page for an overview on our systems.  Or, see Learn About Light for a detailed review on light measurement.

Many independent reviewers are coming to this same conclusion.  Here are some sites to visit for additional resources.


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