Orion 500 Custom-built COB Grow Light

The Orion 500 revolutionizes indoor growing facilities and four-season greenhouses using a rugged design intended for high humidity high temperature environments. The three Luminus CXM-32 Chip on Board (COB) LEDs deliver high intensity full spectrum light over a 25 to 36 square foot area (depending on height above plant and desired micro-mole light intensity).

Cooling for the COB LEDs is passive with three large Cooliance heatsinks designed to protect the temperature of the COBs in a greenhouse when used as supplemental lighting. The use of passive cooling eliminates a fan failure point and reduces electrical consumption.

Each Orion 500 is custom-built for each lighting project. Please contact us for a full product briefing: we will listen to your lighting requirements and design a lighting plan for you to optimize lighting, reduce electrical costs, and improve plant growth and harvest yield.

List price for the Orion 500 is $1,400, not including shipping. Volume discounts are offered based upon the size of the project.

Telephone: 919-545-0406

Email: rick@rick-brownfield.com

The Orion 500 cannot be ordered through this website. Please contact us directly at 919-545-0406 or by email at info@broomstrawfarmgrowlights.com.