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2 COB 2,540 micro mole, 200 watt LED Grow Light

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Reliable Full Spectrum Grow Light

The Broomstraw Farm BF3590.2 model has two Cree Chip On Board (COB) LEDs. This unit is an excellent choice for home or farm growers who desire a stronger light source for a two plants to maturity or several smaller plants or clones in early stage growth or in the vegetative stage. An excellent application for this light is in a 2x4 grow tent. Please note that we sell lights to the U.S. market only.

The two COB LEDs produce the full spectrum wavelength from 380 nanometers to 780 nanometers. The BF3590.2 produces 26,000 Lumens using around 200 watts of electricity. At a height of 8 inches below the light, the BF3590.2 delivers 49,180 LUX or 2,540 micromoles PPFD directly beneath the light. These can be daisy-chained and are dimmable.





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The top of the unit has the on/off switch, the power connection, and the fan vent.26,000 lumen / 200 watt Best powerful Professional Chip On Board Grow Lights Full Spectrum COB LED Cree excellent cannabis hemp vegetables indoor clones


The coverage area depends upon the height of the BF3590.2 above the plants:


Safety: Do not look directly into the Cree COB LED.  Small amounts of UV / IR wave lengths are produced as well as very bright visible spectrum light. Cree classifies the CXB3590 COB LED as RG-1 (low risk)We recommend using UVA/ UVB rated sunglasses under high intensity lighting.  

Please note that this is an electrical device.  It is not waterproof or water resistant.  We strongly recommend plugging the BF3590.1 into a standard household GFI (Ground Fault Interrupter) electrical outlet. GFI outlets are now standard in kitchen, bath, and workshop electrical applications.

This unit is assembled in China with globally sourced parts.  The Cree COB LEDs are designed in the US and fabricated in China to Cree specifications.

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