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6 COB 3,125 micro mole, 600 watt LED Grow Light

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Reliable Full Spectrum Grow Light

The Broomstraw Farm BF3590.6 model has six Cree Chip On Board (COB) LEDs that deliver full spectrum light in the Photosynthetic Active Radiation (PAR) spectrum for plants (400 nm to 700 nm).

We think it is the best grow light on the market for indoor tents and smaller grow rooms.

This light offers better performance than a 1,000 Watt HPS light at half the electrical cost! It is a one for one replacement for old, obsolete orange HPS lights.

It is an excellent choice for home or farm growers who desire full spectrum light over a larger area for a multiple plants growing to maturity or for multiple trays of seedlings and clones in early stage growth.  This unit has dimmer switch which provides control over the light output to suit either vegetative growth or flowering stages. It can be daisy-chained.

This is an excellent light for the clone to vegetative to flowering stage in a 5x5 area or larger.

Please note that we sell lights to the U.S. market only.

The BF3590.6 produces 72,000 Lumens using around 600 watts of electricity.

At a height of 8 inches above the plants, the BF3590.6 delivers 147,150 LUX or 4,520 micro moles directly beneath the light.

Positioning the light at around 39 inches over the plant canopy will deliver sufficient full spectrum light to grow clones to maturity / full bud stage over a 25 square foot area. Of course, please use the dimmer control in the clone and vegetative stages, or hang the light higher until the flower stage.

The BF3590.6 is also used in larger grow rooms in a multiple light overhead grid configuration. Multiple BF3590.6 units are arranged to deliver just the right amount of light for the plant in any indoor grow situation.

It may also be used in larger greenhouses where supplemental lighting is desired during the winter growing season and in late fall / early spring. It is well-suited for delivering full spectrum light to commercial clone production.

See Learn About Light for more details on full spectrum testing results and lighting parameters. 

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The top of the unit has the outlets for the six cooling fans, the on-off control, the dimmer control, and the power connections.


Safety:  Do not look directly into the Cree COB LED.  Small amounts of UV / IR wave lengths are produced as well as very bright visible spectrum light. Cree classifies the CXB3590 COB LED as RG-1 (low risk). We recommend using UVA/ UVB rated sunglasses under high intensity lighting.

Please note that this is an electrical device.  It is not waterproof or water resistant.  We strongly recommend plugging the BF3590.1 into a standard household GFI (Ground Fault Interrupter) electrical outlet. GFI outlets are now standard in kitchen, bath, and workshop electrical applications.

This unit is assembled in China with globally sourced parts.  The Cree COB LEDs are designed in the US and fabricated in China to Cree specifications.

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